Tango Waffle "Levitation" Photo Contest

Tango Waffle is a crunchy waffle well-known for its delicious taste. It has hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook and a lot of followers on Twitter. We wanted to create a fun activity for them. The brief was how can we relate the product experience with the activity itself.

So, we created Tango Waffle "Levitation" Photo Contest!

Levitation is a photography technique that makes someone looks as if they're flying/floating in the air without using any tools.

Why did we choose levitation for the activity concept? Well, the sensation you get from eating a delicious Tango Waffle kind of makes you "fly" :) And levitation photography can be a fun activity and experience for our fans and followers. It was something new for them, because at that time the levitation photography trend was just starting to catch on.

The result was quite surprising, it was more than what we have expected. We received thousands of photos and a lot of them are of good quality and really creative! You can check out the photos in the video.

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