A Startup is about solving problems

In creating a Startup, I believe that it’s all about solving problems and fulfilling needs. In this post, I would like to share about a Startup that me and my colleague created.

As we all know, Twitter is quite huge here in Indonesia. According to semiocast.com Indonesia is the 5th largest Twitter users in the world, with more than 19.500.000 users. This makes Twitter a great and sexy medium for companies, brand/business owners, marketers, etc to reach out to their target market or consumers.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t provide (yet) a self-serve advertising feature. So in order to promote something on Twitter, one can work with the owners of a Twitter account which has many followers (usually referred to as: Buzzers, Influencers, Endorsers, etc). The Buzzers get compensation (usually in money, but not always) for tweeting the promotional message.

However, in doing so, one may face some difficulties and problems, for the people who want to promote something (let’s call them Advertisers), and also for the Buzzers themselves (let’s call them Publishers).

Here are some the findings and insights:

Problem for Advertisers

  • Contacting Buzzers one by one is time-consuming and can be quite a hassle.
  • In some cases it’s really hard to contact the Buzzers because they don’t always provide their email info in their Bio. Of course the Advertiser can mention them, but sometimes because they have too many mentions they probably missed it.
  • It can be quite hard to monitor the promotion activity, especially if the Advertisers are working with a lot of Buzzers. And paying them one by one can be troublesome too and takes a lot of your time.
  • They can hire an agency to do the job, but for some it can be quite costly.
  • Trust issues. Some Buzzers want to be paid upfront, but Advertisers want them to tweet first and pay them afterwards.

Problem for Buzzers
  • Again, trust issues. Some Buzzers are worried about not getting paid by the Advertisers if they post the tweet beforehand. This trust issue arises because the deal is usually made online via email, text messages or by phone conversations.
  • Some Buzzers want to monetize their Twitter account but don’t have any connection to Advertisers.
  • Some Buzzers might forget to tweet the promotional message on the agreed schedule. This usually happens to those who post the tweet manually without using a tweet scheduling tool.

So it got me thinking, how can I create something that can become a solution to all those problems? There's gotta be an easier way. An idea came to mind and I immediately contacted one of my colleagues. In just a couple of months, we launched sociabuzz.com, a self-service Twitter advertising platform.

By using sociabuzz.com, anyone can do a promotion on Twitter with ease. It’s very simple to use, secure, and time efficient. Sociabuzz.com connects Advertisers with Buzzers. Advertisers can work with hundreds of Buzzers to spread their promotional message in just a few clicks, and the Buzzers get compensation per tweet.

Here’s the tutorial video:

In addition to solving problems, it turns out that doing a promotion using sociabuzz.com has other great advantages. Trending Topics! Yup, when hundreds of Twitter accounts tweeting at the same time with the same set of keywords or hashtag, it can definitely become Trending Topics. In this case the promotion can become so much more effective and efficient. Imagine if you have to coordinate with hundreds of buzzers yourself manually by contacting them one by one, the effort is just too much of a hassle and very time-consuming.

So, if you want to promote anything on Twitter (yup, anything!) to millions of Twitter users in Indonesia, feel free to use sociabuzz.com. I hope it can help make your life a little bit easier and bring you one step closer to success. Well, that’s exactly why we’re doing this in the first place, which is to add value to people’s lives, the Advertisers & also the Buzzers.

So next time you want to advertise something, rather than spending your money on Google or Facebook, why not spend it on our own people by using sociabuzz.com. Let's prosper together.

If you need any help or have any questions on how to use sociabuzz.com, just contact us at info@sociabuzz.com or mention us at @sociabuzz.

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